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Pilates is an exercise system that first and foremost works to strengthen and stabilize the core. From that deep strength, practitioners work to develop long lean muscle, flexibility, and ideal spinal and joint alignment. Exercise series may be done on the floor (mat pilates) or the 'reformer,' a versatile piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.


Whether you are recovering from an injury, a sedentary person looking to add exercise to your life, or an athlete seeking an edge, Pilates can help you achieve your finess goals.

Somatic Movement Workshop with Meg Eginton

This class aims to help you be skillful in your body and mind, and to heal pain and injuries.

Six-week workshop begins Dec 2, 2017


New T'ai Chi session begins Nov 26.

physical therapy 

Time of Your Life Physical Therapy is partner of the PilatesPlus studio, so that expert advice is always available.

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